Before I tell you my story, let’s talk about you. You’re a smart, passionate entrepreneur and you have ambition in spades. You’re itching to get your business off the ground or ramp it up to the next level with a refresh or rebrand and you’re looking for an expert to help you get there.

More than anything you’re longing to build an unforgettable, utterly gorgeous brand that’s consistently profitable and captivates people’s imagination. A brand that lights you up, expresses your unique talents and reflects what you naturally love to do every day.  

You’re happy to invest in creating a company you can be truly proud of and want to move fast, and … you’re a doer! You revel in taking action, getting things accomplished and have exacting standards. 

You’re incredibly good at what you do and full of money-making ideas but there’s a catch … the rest of the world hasn’t quite found out about you yet.  Despite your best efforts your messaging isn’t landing or resonating with your customers. Your brand style is a little lacklustre. Something in your business is missing or hasn’t clicked and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Perhaps you’re a more seasoned entrepreneur and you’ve reached a point where you’re ready to reinvigorate your business or successfully scale up and raise your game. 

You know you need something:

  • More clarity on what makes you distinctly special.

  • Fresh inspiration and know-how to create a more compelling, confident and cohesive look.

  • Practical skills and actionable strategies to help refine your vision and take things to a whole new level so your brand cuts through the noise and really stands out from the crowd.

"Belinda is uncannily gifted at helping women entrepreneurs get to the heart of what makes them tick and how best to package their authentic brilliance."



Hello, it’s wonderful to meet you. I’m Belinda Furneaux-Harris, the founder of Branded & Unstoppable and I’m on a mission to teach go-getting women entrepreneurs how to create incredible brands and thriving businesses.  

As a branding and marketing expert, I’ve spent over twenty years in this industry and have worked all over the world with every type of business. From visionary start-ups and solopreneurs to iconic British and global companies, from bricks-and-mortar retailers to on-line ‘superstars’, I’ve helped them all achieve success. 

Believe me, I’ve seen what it takes to build a purposeful, profitable and powerful brand and it’s an inside and outside job. In other words, before you rush into designing your logo, stylish website or irresistible Lead Pages, it’s essential you get crystal clear on who you are, what you stand for, what makes you special and what value you add.

If you’re ready to unlock your authentic brilliance, blow the ceiling off all your limitations and take your marketing up a gear (or four!), I’d love to help you.  If you can dream it, I can help you build it. 

My signature branding workshops and retreats are intimate, informative and hugely inspirational with no more than 20 attendees, so you get plenty of mentoring and individualised support.

Hosted at stylish, luxurious yet decidedly unstuffy venues you’ll find exceptional teaching, superb resources, heaps of creativity and a wonderful community of go-getting, like-minded women. 


My life in pictures...

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My love affair with brands began when I was nine years old. One particularly long, hot summer holiday my aunt handed me copies of her favourite magazine to read. It was Harper’s Bazaar, and I was instantly hooked. 

Almost every evening, you’d find me tucked up in bed pouring over the stunning imagery, glossy ads and fascinating features. I didn’t understand the nuances of branding back then, but before long I could very quickly discern ‘Style’ – what is was, what it wasn’t and the sartorial choices that can give a product that magical edge.  

Fast forward twelve years, and after finishing University, I earned a place on the Executive Management Programme at Harrods, the world-famous department store.  

This was an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the finest luxury brands and learn everything I could about retailing.  From visual merchandising to marketing, selling to stock-taking, book-keeping to branding, I relished the challenge. 

Before long I was promoted to a role in the Harrods Press Office and soon realised I’d found ‘my thing’. I immersed myself in learning what makes great communications, both visual and verbal, and the art of crafting a captivating story.

After a couple of years, I hungered for more and took up meatier account management roles in prestigious, Top 10, communication agencies in London. Here I worked directly with treasured house-hold brands and iconic international companies broadening my skills in brand design, advertising, public relations, copywriting, sponsorship and digital marketing.

Working in the agency world was a huge gift. It taught me the discipline of client servicing, how to develop creative ideas, to manage campaigns, and critically, how to pitch proposals, win business and turn clients into raving fans.

All of these experiences acted as the springboard for the next part of my career, eight years spent as VP of Marketing Communications for international corporations (think HSBC, Barclays and News Corp). This was an incredible experience where I got to lead and develop their brand strategies, high profile re-branding programmes and multi-million, dollar marketing campaigns ... and win a few awards too.

For the past seven years I’ve enjoyed the thrill of running my own consultancy and divide my time between London and beautiful Palm Springs, California. Whether it’s leading game-changing workshops and retreats or helping visionary leaders reinvigorate their business, I’m absolutely all about empowering women entrepreneurs to build truly brilliant brands.


Belinda Furneaux-Harris is the founder and CEO of Branded & Unstoppable


Belinda Furneaux-Harris is the founder and CEO of Branded & Unstoppable, a consultancy specialising in teaching smart women entrepreneurs the strategies, skills and know-how to build brilliant brands through game-changing workshops, retreats and on-line courses.

After a high-profile corporate career, where she managed multi-million, dollar marketing campaigns and high-profile re-branding programmes for the likes of HSBC, Barclays and News Corporation, and with a further decade of big communications agency, luxury retail and entrepreneurial experience under her belt, Belinda knows what it takes to build purposeful, powerful and profitable brands.

For the past 12 years she’s led workshops all over the world helping thousands of business leaders from starts-ups and solopreneurs to iconic British and global companies, from bricks-and-mortar retailers to on-line superstars, achieve success.

Now her passion is empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs to unlock the magic within their brand, blow the ceiling off all their limitations and build thriving businesses. As a personal branding expert and award-winning brand strategist, Belinda’s transformational events and mindset work sets her apart in an industry focused on a strategy-first, inner work later approach.