Do you have an inspirational and compelling brand vision that gives life and meaning to your business? Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur just starting out and itching to get your business off the ground or you’re a more seasoned entrepreneur looking to raise your game and skyrocket your revenue, you have that rare opportunity to create something really remarkable. A brand that lights you up, reflects what you naturally love to do every day and helps you stand out from the crowd. And who better to help you pull everything together than an experienced, visionary Marketing Director with over two decades of experience.

I’ll help you get to the heart of what makes your business uniquely brilliant, define your space in the market and take you through a proven process to develop your unique ‘Brand DNA’ (your true essence). I’ll show you how to translate and convey this across everything you do from your words and images to the experience you deliver. I’ll help you craft your brand story, finesse your messaging and create an alluring, purposeful and confident brand style.

I’ll review your offerings to ensure they absolutely add value and magnetise the right type of customers and help you develop a marketing plan that gets you focused, noticed and to where you want to be, faster.

One of the areas I absolutely adore helping business owners with is rebranding projects. Rebranding can breathe new life into your company and products and galvanise and energise your team, but it has to be done with a focus on strategy, a compelling long-term vision, a clearly understood process, creative flair and thought, and most of all for the right reasons. Working with a highly experienced, award-winning brand consultant with a fresh, objective perspective and proven methodologies can add real value, save time and money and ensure the process is hugely rewarding.

Hyde & Hare case study branding

Hyde and Hare is a British, luxury brand offering the finest Cowhide Bags and Accessories. Founded by visionary entrepreneur, Piers Dickinson, in 2017 I was approached from the get-go to help him create the entire brand concept. This included developing the brand essence, market positioning, messaging, brand story and creative concepts for the look and feel.

We kicked-off with a wonderfully inspiring one-day immersion session to really hit the ground running and get into the meat of the strategy work. I could very quickly see from the fabulous range of ethically sourced products and one-of-a-kind bags that the company had huge potential for growth both in the UK and internationally. The quality and designs were utterly stunning!

We began by looking in detail at those companies who were his closest competitors before going through a process to define the brand essence. We explored what the brand is, and what the brand isn’t, got really clear on the core values and personality and what made Hyde and Hare unique. From this point we moved on to get up close and personal with his ideal customers and buttoned-down the messages that would be most compelling – Britishness and the finest quality craftsmanship were just some of these.

From this place, emerged the vision for the brand identity, visual aesthetics and packaging. I followed up the awayday with the creation of mood boards to evoke the timeless elegance, impeccable style and understated glamour of the brand.

Unsurprisingly the colour palette was all about autumn hues – warm, intense, earthy and natural. The whole essence of traditional British craftsmanship with bought to life with the creation of interesting textures and patterns and a gorgeous logo in the shape of a ‘Hare’. This has now become the Hyde and Hare signature statement for the entire brand from being embossed on the side of clutch bags and purses, to a beautiful silver shaped ‘Hare’ lozenge on its larger hand-bags and week-end bags to featuring on all the packaging and trimmings. This body of work really reflects everything I’d hoped for and more for the business and I cannot wait to see it skyrocket to success!

"Working with you has been nothing short of transformational for my business. Belinda, you helped me define my brand strategy, get clear on my messaging and create a stunning look and feel which has resulted in our products being sold in over 25 countries."




If you're an ambitious entrepreneur, ready to up your game or reinvigorate your business with a refresh or rebrand, I'd love to hear from you. My consultancy service is driven by commercial and creative success and involves me fully immersing myself in your business. For this reason, I only take on a limited number of projects every year. Just a handful of well-funded start-ups or larger, more established businesses in the consumer, lifestyle and financial services sectors where I can really add value. If you have a smaller project, do take a look at A Private Day with Belinda, it might just be the perfect fit!

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